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Recovery Stories of New York

This project features five individuals from New York State who are currently in recovery from opioid addiction. These stories show that recovery is possible and serve to inspire others out there.

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About the project

This project is dedicated to those who are in long term recovery from opioid addiction in New York State. Stories that are shared are featured in printed zines (mini magazines), a website and an Instagram campaign.

My hope with this project is that I can use my own experiences to fuel a design project that will highlight that recovery is possible as well as inspire other individuals to reach out for help and help end stigma. 

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Mollie Fernandez

mollie lines.png
Image of Mollie Fernandez

Lucille Marchica

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Image of Lucille Marchica

Nicholas Schoonbeck

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Image of Nicholas Schoonbeck


from others


If you or someone you know would like to reach out for help, here are some resources located in the Hudson Valley.

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